Frame Material

Quality Of The Cellular Composite

The Starmark Window Series provides a truly unique product in today’s crowded window marketplace. Starmark offers outstanding features and benefits to set this series a part from the competition.

  • Solid-Core Cellular Composite
  • Superior Energy-efficiency (Equivalent of R-5 insulation)
  • Appearance of Wood Without Warping Issues.
  • Does not absorb moisture, so it will not rot and does not require maintenance (scrape, prime and paint)
  • The small cell microstructure of cellular material resists insects.
  • From the inside of the home lamination can reproduce the grain and rich colors of high-end hardwoods.


Glass and Spacer

Superior Performance Stamark Windows State of the Art Technology, Beautiful Design, Exceptional Performance Levels, and Superior Craftmanship makes the Starmark Window one of the Best Windows Available on the market today.

  • Solid Core Extrusions – No Need For Foam Filling Or Added Insulation.
  • Sloped Sill eliminates need for weep holes.
  • Triple Weather Stripping provides tighter seals at contact points, significantly lowers air infiltration and water penetration.

Construction – Durability

  Starmark Windows Superior Craftsmanship makes the Starmark one of the most Durable Windows available on the market.

Features of the Starmark Window:

  • Appearance of wood
  • Classic aesthetics and beautiful sight lines.
  • Fully welded construction to ensure strength, stability, and years of long lasting performance.
  • Rigid interlock.
  • High Quality cap stock coatings provides a flawless finish.
  • Wood Simulated Laminate is available which can be stained or painted.