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Our customers replace their windows for any number of reasons, sometimes replacements are necessity based for example if a window is broken or in need of desperate repair and in other instances an owner may just want to customize their house or simply increase curb appeal. In these cases it's important to sit down with one of our agents and discuss your options in full detail. Regardless of your rationale, we are happy to be of service.
Your new vinyl windows and patio doors are practically maintenance-free. A cloth and some mild detergent are all you need for cleaning. Remember not to use any harsh or abrasive detergents as these could damage the finish of your windows.

Condensation is a natural occurrence caused by excess humidity, or water vapor, coming into contact with a cooler surface and turning into visible droplets of water. OKNA windows and patio doors have built-in features to keep the glass as warm as possible reducing the possibility of condensation. Controlling the humidity level in your home is the most effective way to avoid condensation, and below are a few tips on how to do just that:

  • Use venting fans in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room to circulate air
  • Use a dehumidifier
  • "Air-out" your home frequently by opening windows and doors
  • Indoor plants also raise humidity levels, so you may want to reduce the number of plants you own

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